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ChromNAV LC- and SFC-Fractioncollector

ChromNAV Frac – for controlling a range of fraction collectors for sample purification

FCC Fraction collector controller

  • FCC  Fraction Collector Controller
  • HV-4088-03 6-Position Switching Valve Unit (1-in 6-out)


Fraction Collectors



Gilson 223 Sample Changer



Features of Fraction Collectors

  • Control via ChromNAV (USB)
    4-ch signal acquisition (Max.) for fraction parameters
  • Control of maximum two fraction collectors of same model
    (Switching valve unit is required.)
  • Manual execution of fractionation


Fraction Collector Monitor Screen

Real time display of the collection condition.


Simulation of Fractionation Conditions

Method editor with simulation of fractionation conditions
Simulation for setting the fractionation conditions can be performed using a measured chromatogram.


Powerful & Flexible Fractionation Conditions

  • Time fraction
    Fraction time (sec) + Fraction volume (mL)
  • Slope and level Fraction
    Logical operation of four different slope parameters and signal level parameters
  •  Logical operation fraction by conditional decision using multiple channel signals
    Fractionation start and end can be selected from up to four channel signals


ChromNav Fraction View

Locate your fractions using peak fraction view


ChromNAV supports fraction collector

  • Addition of optional automatic control pump.
  • Improvement of solubility
  • Improvement of collection rate
  • Cut down of contamination
  • Reduction of solvent
  • Automatic control of flow rate in accordance with sampling condition
  • before sampling, during sampling, after sampling
  • In accordance with 3 conditions, flow rate of pump and solvent can be switched automatically*. (* Pump + switching valve)


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