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Micro cell holders

UCB-710 Cell holder for V-630Bio

The V630bio is supplied with a micro cell holder as standard. A new design means the cuvette is held tightly and reproducibly without scratching unlike some leaf designs.

The cuvette holder is also height adjustable (see bottom of the page) to optimise the position of the center of the cuvette. A mask is also supplied to be used with 'non-masked cuvettes to prevent 'wall effects'.

TCH-703 Micro Cell holder for 4uL sampling

The TCH-703 Allows parallel measurement of up to 8 samples, ideal for microsampling such as protein or nucleic acid determination.

The 8 way disk can be easily unclipped for loading and unloading samples and for cleaning.

A focussing lens optimises optical throuput for high sensitivity


The two cell holders EMC-709 and EMC-759 with the difference being the cell compatibility. The EMC-709 is flexible and can be used with both 5uL and 50UL cuvettes whilst the EMC-759 is designed only to work with 5uL cuvettes

The 5uL single sided cuvette has been designed to make sample loading and unloading as well as cleaning, very simple.


EMC-709 Micro Cell holder for 50uL and 5uL cells

With focussing lens optical alignment and adaptor for 5uL cells


EMC-759 Cell holder for 5uL cells

With focussing lens optical alignment

Both are height adjustable to optimise the beam position for the cell




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