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Sippers and Autosamplers

NQF-781 Vacuum sipper (with flow cell unit)

This sipper attaches to any V-700 spectrophotometer to speed the measurement of multiple samples. Insert the nozzle into a container filled with sample solution and press the nozzle lever. Process up to 450 samples per hour. 


Liquid contact parts

Teflon, Fluorine-coated rubber (Viton)

Path length:

10 mm

Flow cell

 Quartz 50uL volume

Sample size



NQF-782 Vacuum Sipper with Long-pathlength cell

 Path length 50mm


MFC-714  Micro flow cell holder

HPLC flow cell made from stainless steel

10mm path length 20uLvolume


FIC-715  Flow injection cell Holder

Inert flow cell for flow analysis

Flow cell specifications

Window material

fused quartz

Cell material: 


Path length:

10 mm

Cell capacity:  

20 uL





NPF-782 Peristaltic sipper (with flow cell unit)


The Model NPF-721 sipper can be used with any V-700 spectrophotometer to make rapid measurement (up to 360 samples per hour) of multiple samples. The unit can be operated simply by inserting the nozzle into a vessel filled with sample solution and pressing the nozzle lever. The average amount of sample required is 0.7 to 1 mL. Sample can be recovered by reversing the draining direction.


ASU-800  Autosampler Unit

  • For use with any V-700 series spectrophotometer
  • X-Y-Z High capacity autosampler for tubes and microplates

Capacity Tubes

100x 13mm or 15mm diam
150x 10mm or 12mm diam

Capacity Microplates,

Capacity Vials

2x 96 microplates up to 1mL per position

120 x 1.5 mL vials

Protective cover



ASP-849  Syringe pump

For use with the ASU-800 for automated systems


SFC-712  Flow cell holder for 5/10 mm pathlength

For use with any V-700 series spectrophotometer

Flow cell specifications

Material:                                             Fused quartz

path length/Cell capacity:               10 mm / 100 ul
                                                            5mm / 50 ul


LFC-713  Long path flow cell holder

For use with any V-700 series spectrophotometer

Three optional path lengths 30, 50 100 mm

Flow cell specifications



Fused quartz

Path length / volume:

30 mm 0.6 ml 


50 mm path / 1 ml


100 mm path /2 ml




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