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Film holder accessories

FLH-740 Film holder (leaf spring type)

The FLH-740/741 film holder measures the absorption spectra of a solid sample e.g. film, glass, or filter. 


Sample Thickness:    0.5 to 10 mm

Sample size:                min. 15 x 15 mm

                                        max. 80 x 100 mm



RSH-744 Rotary sample holder

The rotary sample holder for measurement of a film (planar) sample. The film can be changed 360 degrees with respect to the optical axis and within a range of +/- 50 degrees angle of inclination.



Sample size               Min. 10 x 30 mm max. 18 x 38 mm

Sample thickness     1 to 2 mm

Reference                   Film holder

Sample holder           Angle of rotation around optical axis: 360 deg
rotation range :           Angle of rotation around the horizontal
                                      axis perpendicular to the optical axis
                                      s +/- 50 deg.



FLH-741 Film holder (sliding mount type)


 Sample Thickness:    0.25 to 25 mm

 Sample size:                min. 5 x 5 mm

                                         max. 80 x 100 mm



VTA-752  Film holder (Variable incident angle)

The Film holder (equipped with variable incident angle) for measurement of a film (planar) sample. The incident angle of the light beam can be set in 15 deg. interval


Sample size:                                 Min. 15 mm x 35 mm
                                                         Max. 80 mm x 70 mm

Sample thickness:                        1 to 2 mm

Reference:                                      Film holder

Sample holder rotation range:    +/- 90 deg.






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